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Mr. Kitty goes wild when he discovered cat grass!

My 10 year old male cat “Mr. Kitty” recently discovered cat grass. Curiously, he began chewing on the grass and realized the great taste the refreshing treat offered. Now he’s familiar with the container from the store and goes wild when I get home and runs around me in the kitchen. I love to be able to give him a treat that he loves so much. ~ Michelle NY, NY USA

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My Kitty Lilith LOVES Kitty Grass!

My kitty, Lilith, used to be an active, outdoor cat. now that we’ve moved into an upstairs apartment, she can only sit on the balcony, looking down, wishing she could romp around in the bushes. When i first brought her home kitty grass, she went crazy. she’d purr and pick at it. Now, whenever a little pot of grass dies, she cries and whines and picks through it to find a lonely green stem. Now I’ve planted the seeds in a very large pot, so […]

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