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My two cats love Kitty Grass!

They each need their own containers so that they do not fight over it. There is always a big rush to eat the grass when I bring home new grass. Thanks! ~ Salley M. CA USA

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My Senegal Parrot “Lucky” Loves Your Kitty Grass!

Hello good people at Priscilla’s. My Senegal parrot Lucky loves your Kitty Grass! I’ve recently started growing my own using your kit. I think it’s great and so does Lucky! Thanks. ~ Mike Piercy

Kitty Grass as seen in Cat Fancy Magazine

Priscilla’s is not just for kitties anymore, dogs, birds, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs and more enjoy Priscilla’s unique blend of grains proving a tasty source of vitamins and nutrients, including: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. The high chlorophyll content also helps to keep blood cells, kidneys and glands filtered to ensure your pet’s circulatory system. All of this helps to offset the environmental impurities that your pets are exposed to on a daily basis and will aid in living a healthier life. Other great products […]

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