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Fun Facts about Catnip

catnip facts

Catnip plants have a tremendous variance in the pungency of their scent.  Because the essential oils are what the cats respond to, there will be a vast difference in catnip derived from different sources. Priscilla’s uses only the best, grown and processed in the Pacific Northwest. Catnip, a member of the mint family, and its’ cousins basil, oregano and spearmint are all highly aromatic plants whose essential oils have special properties. However, catnip is the one commonly known for its intoxicating effects and as a […]

Go Kitty Go! Catnip Tips for Catnip Treats.

Keep it Fun! Pour a small amount of Priscilla’s Catnip Treat onto a cat scratch box to get your kitty all riled up! Sprinkle a pinch of catnip on a Pillow Toy and watch your kitty go go go! Keep it Fresh! Open your package of Priscilla’s Catnip Treat and pour the catnip into a clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid, then refrigerate. It will last indefinitely and maintain its pungency.

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Why do we add barley to our special pet grass blend?

dogs love pet grass

Wheat Grass alone is generally used as a colonic and is far too rich for most animals to digest properly; pets that eat too much wheat grass often get diarrhea. Priscilla’s Kitty Grass is a “Special Blend” of Oats, Wheat, Barley and Rye. Barley grass contains the most protein, vitamins and minerals.  It is very tender, sweet and the easiest to digest of all grains, making it a purrrfect addition to a purrrfect cat grass blend! Priscilla’s proven combination uses only a small amount of […]

Gaaaaack! It’s a Hairball! Cat grass to the rescue!

kitty eating cat grass

You recognize the sounds, or if not, the special unwanted ‘presents’ your kitty leaves for you around the house. But did you know that hairballs can jeopardize your cat’s health? According to Holistic Health NEWS: “Cats spend up to one-third of their waking hours self-grooming.  The tiny barbs on a cat’s tongue pull loose hair from its coat and those hairs are swallowed.  Because hair is very difficult to digest, it compacts with undigested food in the intestines. The accumulation becomes a source of irritation […]

Do you know how many Presidents of the United States are kitty lovers?

There have been 22 Presidential kitties spotted over the years: Tabby (who was a tabby) was the first cat to live in the white house with our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Piccolomini, Miss Pussy and Siam belonged to Rutherford Hayes, our 19th President. Siam was a gift from the American Consul in Bangkok and the first known Siamese cat to reach the United States. Our 25th President, William McKinley had two angora kittens: Valeriano Weyler and Enrique DeLome. Slippers and Tom Quartz belonged to our […]

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Love Your Kitty! Special Valentine’s Day Offer – Get Free Catnip!

Buy 2 Refillable Catnip Heart Pillow Toys and get a free Catnip Refill! Just add 2 Heart Pillow Toys of your choice and you will receive an offer to add a free Catnip Refill to your cart at checkout. Offer valid thru 2/14/13! Click here to see the full collection of  Refillable Catnip Heart Pillow Toys!  

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