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Hear what customers have to say about our Refillable Catnip Pillow Blanket!

refillable catnip pillow blanket

These award winning refillable catnip pillow blankets are made from a variety of super soft fabrics, each with an attached pillow that can be refilled with catnip. We use catnip flowers and leaves for this comfy blanket. Our pillow blanket holds up to one ounce of our Catnip Treat. We let our customers do the talking! **SPECIAL OFFER** Buy any 1 Refillable Catnip Pillow Blanket and get a FREE Catnip refill with your order! Just use code: FREECATNIP at checkout. Offer valid thru 4-7-2013

Start of Spring and National Poison Prevention Week

Photo from The Daily Mew

Welcome to the Spring Season! It’s also National Poison Prevention Week. Prevent pet poisonings during National Poison Prevention Week by becoming aware of the everyday plants and human food that are harmful. Houseplants can be very beneficial in our lives. They purify and renew our stale indoor air by filtering out toxins, pollutants and the carbon dioxide we exhale – replacing them with life sustaining oxygen! Plants also add the needed finishing touches to any decor. Many of our most popular houseplants come from tropical […]

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Priscilla’s Kitty Grass Coupon Code

New March Special  – Free Kitty Grass Seed Refill Easter is right around the corner. Add a fresh and inviting item to your Easter decor this season with cat grass. Fill or grow cat grass in a terra cotta pot and add colorful easter eggs on top. How will you be decorating your home this Easter? Send us photos on our Facebook page and you may be featured! Priscilla’s fun cat grass planter kits allow you to grow your own cat grass and decorate your home […]

Win a Kitty Grass Kit on our Facebook Page

Spring season is approaching! Brighten your home and a special treat for your pet with Kitty Grass. This week, win a Kitty Grass Kit to grow your own grass for your cats, dogs, birds and other small animals! Visit our Facebook page for more details and to enter our contest. Contest is open until Saturday, 3/16 11:59pm PST. Follow Priscilla’s Kitty Grass on Facebook and be one of the first to receive news, contest opportunities and other giveaways.

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Easter Decorating with Priscilla’s Kitty Grass!

Cat Grass Easter Basket

Priscilla’s Kitty Grass is a great addition to your Easter decorating and is a special treat for your pets at the same time! Hosts and hostesses will again be using Priscilla’s Kitty Grass this year for their Easter table centerpieces and other home decorating. “People who don’t have pets and wouldn’t normally use our kitty grass often buy it during this time of year,” said Priscilla Riggs, founder and owner of Priscilla’s Kitty Grass.  “Because we use barley in our special blend, and because barley […]

Priscilla’s Cat Grass Planter Kits are a must for your home décor project!

Priscilla's cat grass planter kits are ea must for your home decor project

Take advantage of Priscilla’s MARCH SPECIAL! How are you decorating your home? Priscilla’s fun cat grass planter kits allow you to grow your own cat grass and decorate your home in style for you and your kitty! Get a FREE Kitty Grass Seed Refill when you buy 2 Planter Kits, a $7.95 value. Just add 2 planter kits to your basket and use the coupon code: FREESEED at checkout. Offer valid thru 3/31/2013. Look at our cat grass planter kit options here:  

Liven up your Easter decorations with fresh Kitty Grass!

easter bunny cat grass

What can  you do to liven up your Easter decorations? Show us your great decorating ideas and we will feature the best ideas submitted on our “Priscilla’s Fun Easter Ideas” Pinterest  board. Priscilla’s Kitty Grass is a purrrrrfectly tasty addition to your Easter decorating fun! To share your ideas on how you use kitty grass to decorate – email your photos to

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Maptain bunny loves her catnip pillow toy!

catnip pillow toy

“Do bunnies love catnip toys? This silly one does! Thank you Priscilla for creating the best catnip pillow toys for our bunny, i mean, kitty! She loves it. And there is one catnip toy to match every outfit…” Maptain in Burbank, CA PRISCILLA: Check out our full line of catnip pillow toys.

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Pamper your kitty with an Easter Basket full of love!

Priscilla has added a fun-filled Easter Basket filled with lots of goodies for your feline friend to the Kitty Grass Store! Basket includes: Grow Your Own Pet Treat – FUN, FAST & EASY to grow! Our ultimate AAA Grade Catnip Seasonal Holiday Pillow Toy Refillable Heart Toy Refillable Catnip Pillow Blanket Grass Gift Kit Seasonal Holiday Planter Bunny Rabbit Planter Pick Growing instructions and our Tips Sheet Shrink wrapped with a seasonal holiday bow and basket. Buy an Easter Basket for your Kitty today and […]

My bunny, Honey, absolutely loves Priscilla’s Kitty Grass!

Bunny eating Priscilla's 100% natural kitty grass. Rabbits can also eat cat grass!

“My bunny, Honey, absolutely loves Priscilla’s Kitty Grass! I couldn’t believe how eager she was to eat the kitty grass. I bought the already grown kitty grass to see if she would like it and now I’ll have to purchase the growing kit so she can eat it all the time! Thank you so much Priscilla’s Kitty Grass! We love it!” – Elizabeth Allen, Bunny owner (3-3-2013)