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Congratulations, Groucho Mustacheo, contest winner!

Congratulations Groucho Mustacheo! Priscilla's Silliest Pet Photo Contest Winner!

We would like to congratulate Cecelia Fricks and her cat, Groucho Mustacheo for winning the Priscilla’s Silliest Pet Photo Contest! A lot of amazing photos were submitted for this contest but only one could win! The winner will be receiving a Leopard Print Animal Planter Kit, a packet of Grow Your Own Kitty Grass Treat (A Mix of Priscilla’s “Special Seed Blend!”), and a “GOT GRASS” T-Shirt! We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the contest by submitting a silly photo of […]

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Infographic: Grow Your Own Cat Grass

5 easy steps to grow delicious cat grass for your pets directly from Priscilla’s Pet Products, Inc.

A Perfect Resting Spot for a Rescued Hummingbird Baby!

rescued hummingbird

Candice, one of Priscilla’s 100% Natural sales reps, rescued this precious little hummingbird baby from one of her Ralph’s stores while out making the rounds. “I set her down in a fresh a pot of live kitty grass – she was so happy to have a soft spot to rest,” said Candice. She has a big heart for critters – Thank you Candice! Did you know? Hummingbirds typically feed in many small meals, consuming many small invertebrates and up to twelve times their own body […]

Priscilla’s Silliest Pet Facebook Photo Contest

Priscilla's Silliest Pet Photo Contest

Send us a photo of your pet in a silly outfit, pose, hairstyle – anything! Submitted photos will be posted to the Kitty Grass Facebook page and the photo that receives the most ‘Likes’ will win! Winner will receive a Kitty Grass Care Package full of Kitty Grass goodies as well as YOUR pet being featured on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. Submit your photos to us via email to from now until May 16, 11:59pm PST to enter the contest. The […]

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Hear what these parakeets have to say about Priscilla’s Pet Grass for birds!

kitty grass for birds

Kitty Grass is not just for kitties anymore – birds love grass too! Pet Grass for Birds is a special treat! Priscilla’s Pet Grass is a “Special Seed Blend” of barley, oats, wheat, and rye Freshly grown grass is known for releasing and attracting positive energy Minimal care required: water and trimming—that’s it! Grow your own Pet Grass: It’s fun, fast, and easy to grow! You can buy pet grass seeds for birds or grow your own bird grass kits from our online store.

Pet Grass for Birds is Healthy

pet grass for birds

Our pet grass for birds is great and healthy for all animals, especially birds! A birds beak is a built in mechanism for extracting juice from grass leaves. They use their beaks to squeeze out all of the nutritious juice from each blade of grass and then they discard the indigestible portion. Breeding birds need of high levels of calcium due to egg formation. If a birds diet has insufficient levels of calcium, it will pull from other sources in the body such as the bone. Pet […]

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