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3 Tips To Spend More Time With Your Pet In The New Year


Start small and build on your success. Do something you can sustain. Get others involved. Try finding just a few more minutes each day to play with them. Soon those few minutes will turn into 15 or 20 minutes. Make sure whatever you are doing is something you enjoy as well, this will make it something you can sustain over time. And if you get others involved early on, your chances of following through are much greater. Try telling a friend about your plans and […]

The One Question About Pet Grass You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

The one question about Pet Grass you were too embarrassed to ask.

So the first thing you may have asked yourself when you found out about Pet Grass is, can I eat it too? It looks so deliciously green and tasty. Well, the best answer I can give you is that you probably could, but it might take a juicer to make it worth the effort. Our Pet Grass is a tasty blend of barley, oats, wheat, and rye and since grass is generally considered safe for humans to eat you could throw it in a juicer […]

Three Tips for Introducing Kittens to Cats

Three tips for introducing kittens to cats

Cats don’t love change so if you are planning to introduce a new kitten to your older cat this holiday season or in the new year, here are a few tips to make the transition a little smoother. Try to give the new kitten their own room where the older cat can does not have access. This will allow them to get curious about each other from a distance with a door between them. Next you can switch out some of their blankets so they […]

For A Cat, This Is The Best Thing About Christmas

For a Cat This is The Best Thing About Christmas

A box. There, I said it. And not just one box. Lots of boxes. Boxes with Pet Grass. Boxes with Catnip toys. Boxes with Blankets. Boxes everywhere. Just empty them out and watch me go. I love it when they are turned upside down and I can pretend that I have my own little row of houses with windows and doors of all shapes and sizes cut into the sides. That my friends is the best part about Christmas for a cat. Now some of […]

Coupon and Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Colonel Cromwells-20-20 holiday deal extended to Dec 23

Colonel Cromwell’s 20/20 deal, 20% off your entire order & free shipping on any order of $20.00 or more, has been extended to December 23rd! Be sure to use coupon code CROMWELL20 upon check out.Make a list (and check it twice) – One of the easiest things to have happen when you have last minute shopping to do is to get really excited and overspend. By making a list, you give yourself the opportunity to overcome this temptation and still get everything you came for! Skip […]

Introducing Priscilla’s Grass Treats for Horses!

Priscilla’s Isn’t Just For Cats!  Introducing Priscilla’s for horses. These healthy green treats for horses are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. Our special blend of grain seeds are a fun treat for horses that is super easy to grow. With 16 individual servings you can be sure that the equine in your life will have as much as they can munch! Right now we have a special introductory price – order now > Save money with our subscription service! You can have Priscilla’s Grass for Horses delivered monthly or semi […]

Colonel Cromwell’s Guide To Choosing The Best Cat Toy

Colonel Cromwell’s Guide To Choosing The Best Cat Toy

Choosing the best toy for your cat is one of the most delightful things about being a pet owner, you have the honor and joy of giving them a room full of fun! But before you can choose the right toy, it helps to know what some of the wrong toys are. A few things that you should avoid include ribbons, thread, and twine. These are all things that can become lodged it their stomachs and could require surgery. Also, be sure not to use […]

Three Ways To Help Your Cat With Holiday Stress

3 ways to help your cat with holiday stress

Extra love and snuggles. With so much going on around the holidays it can be easy for your cat (and you) to become overwhelmed. Remembering to share a little downtime together can go a long way in helping everyone de-stress. If you are traveling with your kitty try to stick to a familiar schedule. Try to feed them at the same times and play the same kinds of games that you would at home. It will help your cat feel at ease. If you are […]

If I Could Make My Own Cat Tree

If I Could Make My Own Cat Tree ~ Colonel Cromwell

There are lots of articles on how to make a cat tree, but they are all written by humans! If I could make my own set of instructions it would save everyone a lot of time. First of all, I would start off with a plain old ladder. Nothing too tall or anything crazy, just a simple old fashioned ladder that you might find at a thrift store or at a garage sale. This would take care of most of the work, and besides, we […]