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5 Natural Horse Care Tips You Can Feel Great About


Horses are just like any other animal or human on the planet. They have evolved to take advantage of the many ways that nature has provided for us to be healthy. It can be easy to get caught up in the miracle cures of the age, but many times the best ideas are the simplest and the easiest ways to care for our bodies are the most natural. With this in mind we have come up with a list of 5 natural horse care tips […]

3 Ways To Keep Your Horse Happy

2 Ways to Keep Your Horse Happy

Give Them A Purpose. Just like people, horses thrive on knowing what they should be doing. It could be something as simple as standing where they’re told to stand so that you can groom them. Or it might be coming up to the fence line to get their favorite snack, a carrot or a serving of horse grass. Give Them Space. Many times we spend a large portion of our day working our horses or grooming them, but sometimes they just need to be left alone with […]

Is Your Horse In Need Of A Visit From The Farrier?

Is Your Horse In Need Of A Visit From The Farrier

It’s a new year and a great time to get on a regular schedule with your farrier. A good rule of thumb is that your horse should expect a visit every 6-8 weeks. Of course, this is a general rule and specifics for your horse will depend on many factors, including the climate, what kind of work they may be doing, and how fast their feet grow. Developing a good working relationship with an excellent farrier is one of the best things you can do […]

The Natural Diet of Horses

The Natural Diet of Horses

The natural diet of a horse is grass. So, if you are looking for a special treat to give them, a great choice is Priscilla’s grass for horses. Priscilla’s horse grass is a blend of organic grain seeds that is easy to grow. Each box comes with 16 individual servings that will keep your horse coming back for more!  

Introducing Priscilla’s Grass To Your Horse

Introducing Horse Grass To Your Horse

When you are introducing Priscilla’s grass for horses to your animal, be sure to give them a little at first and then progressively allow them more over time. Even though your horse may happily eat as much of Priscilla’s grass as you offer, we recommend a serving size of 3 pots a day. Whenever you are going to introduce changes to the kind of feed or the feeding schedule of your horse, be sure to do so gradually. Sudden changes in a horse’s diet can lead to colic.

Will Eating Pet Grass Enhance My Girlish Figure?

Will Eating Priscillas Pet Grass Enhance My Girlish Figure

Yes, a healthy diet enriched with the wholesome goodness of barley, oats, wheat, and rye found in Priscilla’s Pet Grass can help a cat maintain a healthy weight. However, if your kitty shows an excess of weight loss, that is a sign that you should take your kitty to the vet for a checkup!

3 Horse Nutrition Tips

3 Horse Nutrition Tips

Horses and hay. They seem to go together right? Well, there is a reason for that. A horse’s digestion depends on roughage for proper digestive function. They need to eat at least 1% of their body weight in grasses and hay everyday. Here are three horse nutrition tips to help you get the best for your horse. When you are buying hay, be sure to avoid anything that smells moldy or has too much dirt. Mold can upset a horse’s digestive system. Try to split […]

Do Hairless Kitties Get Hairballs?

Hairless kitties do not get hairballs unless they groom other kitties who have hair.

Did you know that hairless kitties do not get hairballs unless they are grooming other kitties who have fur? That does not stop them from enjoying the healthy benefits of Priscilla’s pet grass which contains a low-cal blend of grains that promotes a well-balanced and a naturally maintained digestive system. Find out more about the benefits of pet grass.

7 New Years Resolutions For You And You Cat

7 New Years Resolutions For You And You Cat

It is the start of a new year! Celebrate with your cat by making a few feline friendly resolutions. Schedule that overdue vet visit. Regular examinations of teeth, heart, lungs and skin help identify problems early. Vaccines safeguard cats from infectious diseases like Feline Leukemia and Panleukopenia. Start a medical log to set reminders and keep track of vet visits, treatments, medications, and illnesses. There are even cell phone apps that make this a breeze. Exercise more. Overweight cats are at risk for diabetes and […]