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Horse Care in the Spring

When warmer spring weather arrives, it is time to alter your horse care to best meet the needs of your equine partner. Is he starting to pack on a few pounds from the delicious spring grasses? Maybe his feet have started to grow more quickly? Or perhaps he is sweating a bit more as he waits for his winter coat to shed? The following tips can help you keep your horse happy and healthy during spring months. 1. Get out the fly spray
 – Flies come with […]

Priscilla’s Pet Products Took PetExpo by Storm

Got Grass? Priscilla's at the OC Pet Expo

Priscilla’s Pet Products took PetExpo by storm giving out free samples of it’s flagship product best known as “Pricilla’s Kitty Grass” to vendors with live animals participating at the event. Cats from adoption services as well as cats who were there to “show off” enjoyed the tasty treat. Half-eaten pots of the live grass were spotted throughout the showroom floor with some vendors even asking for more! “These rats love the live grass – they eat every part of it! The roots have moisture that […]

Safety Tips for Your Pet This Easter

Easter is a great time to celebrate with family and friends, and this includes your fur babies, but don’t forget that being aware of some of the hazards associated with this holiday will help keep your pets happy, healthy and safe. Here are some things to look out for: Lilies: Easter lilies make for a beautiful decoration to your Easter table, but be aware that they are extremely toxic to pets, especially cats. Even if your cat eats just a few petals it can result […]