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Pet Grass Care Tips

Cat Grass Care Tips

How should I care for my grow kits until I am ready to grow the grass? Here’s a couple of pet grass care tips to help keep your Pet Grass Kits fresh. If you purchase a Pet Grass “Grow Your Own” Kit but are not ready to grow the grass, simply store it in a cool dry place, and safe from critters. Priscilla’s special blend seed mix is a tasty treat for squirrels and other critters, so the refrigerator is a great place to keep it safe […]

Hand Selected Fabrics for Your Pet Toys

Hand Selected Fabric

Let’s face it. Your pet doesn’t really care one way or another if their catnip toy is covered in striped fabric or leopard, but we do. Whether we know it or not, we all have colors we are drawn to or patterns that excite us, and Priscilla’s Pet Products knows this.  Animal prints, for example never go out of style. They have a reputation for adding contemporary flair and bold style to any room. You wouldn’t want to decorate an entire room in prints of […]