About Our Company

In 1993 out of a need to find a natural remedy for her cat’s hairball and digestion problems, Priscilla Riggs was inspired to try her hand at growing grass for her cat Jazzie.  Jazzie was not a fan of the then commercial pet grass. Having grown up raising and competitively riding horses, Priscilla knew her grains, so she created an organic formula blend of Oat, Wheat, Barley and Rye that Jazzie LOVED! No more hairballs and one healthy happy cat!

Priscilla created Priscilla’s Pet Grass, a proprietary blend of organic easy-to-digest grass which makes Priscilla’s grass the most balanced nutrient for pets. Particularly for cats that need a natural, organic solution to hairballs and digestion.

Prior to creating her famous Pet Grass, Priscilla enjoyed a successful career as a music promoter, newspaper columnist, public relations and advertising expert. Through a couple contacts, Priscilla placed her grass in a local pet store which sold out in the first 20 minutes. A great indicator to a niche need. A new business was born.

Today, Priscilla’s Pet Products is a successful multi-channel business with deep roots within the community, giving back by hiring stay at home moms for packaging and assembly.

From pet grass to catnip, Priscilla has built a thriving business that continues to fill a demand for quality product in pet nutrition care.

Priscilla and Jazzie