Pet Tales

My cats absolutely adore the catnip toys!

Priscilla's Pet Grass

Priscilla’s Pet Products, I wanted to thank you guys for your phenomenal products. My cats absolutely adore the catnip toys! The grass is also a loved product in my household as the dog and both of the cats enjoy it!

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Look what Austin found in the KitNipBox!

kitNipBox Review

  Today when I came home from work I had received the KitNipBox full of kitty treats for my cat, Austin. When I walked in the door with my surprise for my kitty, I was careful to keep it out of his range until I was ready to present it to him. I was afraid he’d be able to smell the catnip from the toys inside and not even give me a chance to set my things down. Once I had my few minutes of […]

A Perfect Resting Spot for a Rescued Hummingbird Baby!

rescued hummingbird

Candice, one of Priscilla’s 100% Natural sales reps, rescued this precious little hummingbird baby from one of her Ralph’s stores while out making the rounds. “I set her down in a fresh a pot of live kitty grass – she was so happy to have a soft spot to rest,” said Candice. She has a big heart for critters – Thank you Candice! Did you know? Hummingbirds typically feed in many small meals, consuming many small invertebrates and up to twelve times their own body […]

Maptain bunny loves her catnip pillow toy!

catnip pillow toy

“Do bunnies love catnip toys? This silly one does! Thank you Priscilla for creating the best catnip pillow toys for our bunny, i mean, kitty! She loves it. And there is one catnip toy to match every outfit…” Maptain in Burbank, CA PRISCILLA: Check out our full line of catnip pillow toys.

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My bunny, Honey, absolutely loves Priscilla’s Kitty Grass!

Bunny eating Priscilla's 100% natural kitty grass. Rabbits can also eat cat grass!

“My bunny, Honey, absolutely loves Priscilla’s Kitty Grass! I couldn’t believe how eager she was to eat the kitty grass. I bought the already grown kitty grass to see if she would like it and now I’ll have to purchase the growing kit so she can eat it all the time! Thank you so much Priscilla’s Kitty Grass! We love it!” – Elizabeth Allen, Bunny owner (3-3-2013)

Captain Barbosa taking a nap in a sea of heart pillow toys!

My kitty is in LOVE with your heart toys. I have many and when he needs a nap guess where he ends up!   PRISCILLA: See all of the cute and fuzzy refillable catnip heart pillow toys!

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My two cats love Kitty Grass!

They each need their own containers so that they do not fight over it. There is always a big rush to eat the grass when I bring home new grass. Thanks! ~ Salley M. CA USA

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My Senegal Parrot “Lucky” Loves Your Kitty Grass!

Hello good people at Priscilla’s. My Senegal parrot Lucky loves your Kitty Grass! I’ve recently started growing my own using your kit. I think it’s great and so does Lucky! Thanks. ~ Mike Piercy

Mira and Misha love Kitty Grass!

Veggie Cats Eat Kitty Grass

We grow Priscilla’s kitty grass from your seeds and this picture is of our cats Mira and Misha chowing down on the results.