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Hand Selected Fabrics for Your Pet Toys

Hand Selected Fabric

Let’s face it. Your pet doesn’t really care one way or another if their catnip toy is covered in striped fabric or leopard, but we do. Whether we know it or not, we all have colors we are drawn to or patterns that excite us, and Priscilla’s Pet Products knows this.  Animal prints, for example never go out of style. They have a reputation for adding contemporary flair and bold style to any room. You wouldn’t want to decorate an entire room in prints of […]

Horse Care in the Spring

When warmer spring weather arrives, it is time to alter your horse care to best meet the needs of your equine partner. Is he starting to pack on a few pounds from the delicious spring grasses? Maybe his feet have started to grow more quickly? Or perhaps he is sweating a bit more as he waits for his winter coat to shed? The following tips can help you keep your horse happy and healthy during spring months. 1. Get out the fly spray
 – Flies come with […]

Priscilla’s Pet Products Took PetExpo by Storm

Got Grass? Priscilla's at the OC Pet Expo

Priscilla’s Pet Products took PetExpo by storm giving out free samples of it’s flagship product best known as “Pricilla’s Kitty Grass” to vendors with live animals participating at the event. Cats from adoption services as well as cats who were there to “show off” enjoyed the tasty treat. Half-eaten pots of the live grass were spotted throughout the showroom floor with some vendors even asking for more! “These rats love the live grass – they eat every part of it! The roots have moisture that […]

How To Put Together The Perfect Easter Basket For Your Kitty

Putting together an Easter Basket for your kitty can be a fun and playful way to help your furry friend celebrate the holiday. We were trying to come up with the perfect Easter Basket for Col. Cromwell this year and after some careful planning, here are a few of the ideas that seemed to be the best of the bunch. First, fill up the basket with a few trays of fresh green Pet Grass to bring the wonderful feeling of spring indoors. Next, pick out […]

The History of Easter Grass

As Easter approaches, many of us are looking for just the right something to put inside of a child’s Easter Basket. But when was the last time you considered the grass that these special treasures rest upon? The history of Easter grass can be traced to Easter’s roots as a celebration of spring and rebirth. Did you know that the art of decorating eggshells has a long history that predates Christianity by at least 60,000 years! In parts of Africa, ostrich eggs measured to be […]

How to Make a Beautiful Easter Centerpiece Using Priscilla’s Pet Grass

Easter Centerpiece

What you will need: • 1 small square or rectangular basket (other options may be a tray, casserole pan, bread pan, small crate, or shoe box covered in decorative paper) • 4-6 containers of Priscilla’s grow your own pet grass (depending on the size of your basket or tray) • 1 small bouquet of any color of tulips or daffodils • 1 small bunch of small wild flowers in an array of colors • 2-3 large yellow Chrysanthemums • 1 pkg of glitter eggs on sticks […]

The Nutritional Value Of Pet Grass

The Nutritional value of pet grass

Our Pet Grass is a special blend of organic seeds, including barley, oats, wheat and rye. The growing kits also come with organic potting soil. Tray grown grass like ours generally takes 7-10 days to grow and has a sweet taste, but the nutritional value can easily take center stage. Benefits of grass include being a great source of chlorophyll and assisting with detoxification. For nearly half a century research has shown that cereal plants such as the wheat grass found in our special blend […]

3 Easy Steps To Grow Your Own Grass For Easter

Fully Grown Pet Grass

How To Grow Your Own Easter Grass Priscilla’s Pet Grass provides you with a quick and easy way to grow your own grass for Easter. All you need to do is order one of our Grow Your Own Pet Grass Kits and follow the simple steps below and in just over a week you will have vibrant, green grass to decorate your home.  Step 1: Along with your new kit you will need a bowl of water and some scissors.   Take the pet grass disc […]

Priscilla Presley to Receive the Humane Horsewoman of The Year Award

Priscilla Presley to receive THE HUMANE HORSEWOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2015

Priscilla Presley is set to receive the Humane Horsewoman of The Year award this week during the Third Annual Equine Protection Benefit in Palm Beach, Florida. The honor is in recognition of her efforts in the campaign against the practice of soring – the use of pain to create a high-stepping gait for competition horses. In 2013 Presley was quoted as saying, “Over the years, Elvis and I owned several Tennessee walking horses, and I know them to be gentle, graceful creatures. Today, 43 years after […]

My cats absolutely adore the catnip toys!

Priscilla's Pet Grass

Priscilla’s Pet Products, I wanted to thank you guys for your phenomenal products. My cats absolutely adore the catnip toys! The grass is also a loved product in my household as the dog and both of the cats enjoy it!

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