Gardeners of All Ages Enjoy Growing Cat Grass

grow your own cat grass seedsGardeners of all ages and abilities are increasingly using Priscilla’s Kitty Grass seeds, a cat grass product originally intended for use by pet owners to grow their own grass.

“I remember a special request from an appreciative customer who wanted to use our ‘grow your own’ seeds as part of a Girl Scout camp exercise in learning how to grow plants,” said Priscilla Riggs.  She is the founder and owner of the company that produces the original live natural cat grass containing a special blend of four sprouted grain types.

“The seed packets contain two times the amount of seed as in our four-inch live grass containers,” said Riggs.  “For several years, our pet-owning customers have been enjoying the seed planting alternative.  Now, many gardeners also seem to be appreciating how easy the seeds are to sprout, how quickly the grass grows, and how easy it is to maintain,” she added.  The perfect recipe for a fun project for both kids and adults!

Only fancy grade and re-cleaned grains are used by Priscilla and her staff to grow and hand package the grass and related products in the fresh air and sun of southern coastal California.  “We use a special blend of oats, wheat, rye, and a large portion of barley, which has the most protein, and is the most tender, sweetest and easiest to digest of any of the grains,” said Riggs.

Growing cat grass is easy! Find out how you can grow your own cat grass.