Pet Grass for Birds is Healthy

pet grass for birdsOur pet grass for birds is great and healthy for all animals, especially birds!

A birds beak is a built in mechanism for extracting juice from grass leaves. They use their beaks to squeeze out all of the nutritious juice from each blade of grass and then they discard the indigestible portion.

Breeding birds need of high levels of calcium due to egg formation. If a birds diet has insufficient levels of calcium, it will pull from other sources in the body such as the bone. Pet grass is an excellent source of calcium and it also includes potassium and other minerals that are needed to utilize the calcium. Young birds also benefit from the added calcium as their skeletal structure is forming.

Pet grass is a natural way to add vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients such as chlorophyll. Having pet grass for birds readily available for your pet is a safer and more effective way to add these healthy benefits rather than through synthetic supplements.