Plant Kitty Grass and Catnip for Earth Day

Earth Day, on April 22, is right around the corner. Intended to inspire awareness, appreciation and preservation for the Earth’s natural environment, many activities are held to promote its cause. In honor of Earth Day, plant Kitty Grass and Catnip to add more green to your environment.

Cat Grass and Catnip Seeds

Grow Your Own Catnip Planting and growing your own cat grass and catnip at home is a fun and easy project. It’s also the perfect activity to celebrate Earth Day with your kids (and pets!) and to introduce them to gardening.

Did you know that the amount of seeds in our Grow Your Own Kitty Grass Seeds equals three pots of grown Kitty Grass? Plenty of seeds to celebrate the entire spring season with you and your pets! Our Catnip ‘Grow Your Own’ Kit and our Grow Your Own Cat Grass kit that comes with everything you need to plant and grow a pot of grass.

Growing our pet grass and catnip seeds are easy. We have a step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire process of how to grow your own cat grass treats.